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What is Communities Bound?

Communities Bound LLC. A national network of local community websites that provides a platform for local information, opinions and unique access to the neighborhood business community.

Communities Bound is currently working hard to build a national network of local community websites under the “Bound” brand.,,,

We are currently building more affiliates in other communities as well. Email for any questions and updates.

Each affiliated website is locally owned and managed by a community member. Site owners will interact with their members to determine forum topics and relevant links (news sources, advertising, etc.) that are of interest in the local area. This will enable each website to reflect the character and flavor of their community as well as provide local businesses a forum to show their knowledge and expertise.

Our commitment is to continually improve this model by listening to the thoughts and recommendations of members and site owners. Every website will have the opportunity to utilize their skills, experience, and creativity to improve the model for online networking within and between the local communities. We will use our experience to support website owners to strengthen the ties of their community through the model.

We are looking for affiliate towns and suburbs that would benefit from the Communities Bound experience. We are growing rapidly, so if you or someone you know would like to take our model to a new location please contact us at