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Communities Bound LLC. is a national network of local community websites that provides a platform for local information, opinions and unique access to the neighborhood community. Our model is centered around local communication that includes dialog, controversy, sharing and all are locally owned and operated. Each affiliated website is locally owned and managed by a community member.

Site owners can interact with their members to determine forum topics and relevant links (news sources, advertising, etc.) that are of interest in the local area. This will enable each website to reflect the character and flavor of their community as well as provide a place for local businesses and sponsors. We are looking for affiliate towns and suburbs that would benefit from the Communities Bound experience. We are growing rapidly, so if you or someone you know would like to take our model to a new location please contact us at 720-248-8285, reply below to our contact us page, or email us at   It is easy to get information. Click here to Contact Us!